Funeral flowers

White Polestar

White funeral arrangement with various white flowers.

From about 40cm long.

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Pink Polestar

Pink funeral bouquet with various pink flowers.

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Bright Polestar

Bright funeral bouquet with various flowers.

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Pink Rose

Funeral arrangement with pink roses.

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White Elegance

Funeral arrangement in white colors, with white roses and different white flowers

About 55cm long

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Pink Elegance

Funeral arrangement in pink colors.

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Bright Elegance

Funeral arrangement in bright colors

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Meadow Flowers

Sweet funeral arrangement with orange roses and various other flowers and greens.

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Full Moon

Full Moon. Funeral arrangement with white roses and various white flowers and greens.

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Round funeral arrangement with pink gerbera and roses

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Wild Flowers

Funeral Arrangement

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Sweet Sympathy

Sweet Sympathy, an arrangement (60cm) filled with nice pink and white flowers.

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Elegance, a stylish and creative arrangement with exotic white flowers.

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Thank You

Funeral Arrangement

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Blue Shine

Blue Shine, an arrangement (60cm) filled with blue, purple and white flowers.

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White Dream

White dream, a creative arrangement (70cm) with several varieties of white flowers and greens.

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Mountain High

Funeral Arrangement

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Funeral Arrangement

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Funeral Arrangement

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Carpe Diem

Funeral Arrangement

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