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Thuiswinkel Waarborg

Topbloemen.nl is associated with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg

For you as consumer the Thuiswinkel Waarborg does not only mean that Topbloemen.nl adheres to the law and regulations, but also to the codes of conduct of the association.

Do you have a complaint about Topbloemen.nl? Please contact us. We investigate your complaint and solve it. If you still can not solve your complaint with us, you can turn to the independent Thuiswinkel Waarborg disputes committee, where also the consumer association has a seat. We are committed to the decisions of this committee. Fortunately, it has never had to come this far. Satisfied customers are our business card!


See here the certificate of Topbloemen.nl

About Thuiswinkel Waarborg:

In 2001 the Thuiswinkel Waarborg was introduced as the by the Consumentenbond supported quality mark for buying products and services via internet, catalog, mail, television, etc. Consumers can recognize Thuiswinkel.org members by the logo: Thuiswinkel Waarborg. By carrying this trustmark, the members endorse the 'Thuiswinkel Waarborg code of conduct', as drawn up by the association.

Home-Shopping Guarantee: more than laws and regulations


  • Knowing with whom you do business
  • Mention of identity, registration number of the Chamber of Commerce and actual address of the company
  • Easy, direct and permanent access to company data through the Thuiswinkel Waarborg Statement
  • Resolving complaints and disputes
  • Clear information on how and at what address you can address your complaints
  • Mediation of complaints and disputes via Thuiswinkel.org
  • Treatment of your complaint by an independent dispute committee 
  • Clear guarantees and conditions
  • Clear information about after-sales service and commercial guarantees
  • Clear information about terms and conditions

The subjects laid down in the Thuiswinkel Waarborg code of conduct relate to:

  • Information duty
  • Replacement goods and services
  • Right of withdrawal
  • Refund
  • Privacy
  • Cross-border responses
  • Dispute resolution                        
  • The rules of conduct also refer to binding general terms and conditions and adequate dispute resolution.