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Privacy Statement Topbloemen.nl | Topgeschenken Nederland B.V.

Privacy-sensitive data or personal data are processed through our web store. Topgeschenken Nederland B.V. considers careful handling of personal data to be of great importance. Personal data are carefully processed and secured.

In our processing we adhere to the requirements of privacy legislation. This means, among other things, that

  • we clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data. We do that through this privacy statement;
  • we limit our collection of personal data to only those personal data that are necessary for legitimate purposes
  • we first ask you for express permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required;
  • we take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also require this of parties who process personal data on our behalf;
  • we respect your right to provide your personal data for inspection, correction or removal at your request.

Topgeschenken Nederland B.V. is the party responsible for data processing. In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We recommend that you read this statement carefully.

This privacy statement was last updated on 24-05-2018

Use of personal data
When using our webshop we obtain certain information from you. This could be personal data. We store and use only the personal data that is provided directly by you, in the context of the service you have requested, or of which it is clear at the time of submission that it will be provided to us for processing.

We use the following data for the purposes stated in this privacy statement:

  • Name and address details
  • Telephone number
  • Billing address
  • Email address
  • Payment details
  • Gender
  • Your nickname
  • Date of birth
  • IP address


Some parts of our web store require you to register first. After registration we will save the personal data you provided via the user name you chose. We save these details so that you do not have to fill them in again each time and so that we can contact you in connection with the execution of the agreement.

We will not provide the data linked to your user name to third parties, unless this is necessary within the framework of the execution of the agreement you have concluded with us or if this is required by law. In case of suspected fraud or abuse of our web store, we may hand over personal data to the competent authorities.

Portal access
With our portal you can access a management environment where you can set, specify and change things yourself.

In addition to the information on our website, we can inform you about our new products and services:

  • by email
  • via social media

Contact form and newsletter
We offer through our webshop the possibility to ask questions using a contact form, where you are asked to fill in various data to handle your question. You choose which data you provide. The data you send us, will be kept as long as necessary for the nature of the form or the content of your e-mail to fully respond and handle.

We offer a newsletter to inform interested parties about our products and/or services. Every newsletter contains a link by which you can unsubscribe. Your e-mail address will automatically be added to the list of subscribers.

When using our web store the following data will be published so that they are visible to everyone on the internet:

  • your name and address
  • information provided by you

You choose which information you publish. It is possible that you can be traced with this information. On request we will anonymize published information.

Our web store displays advertisements.

Provision to third parties
We may pass on your data to our partners. These partners are involved in the execution of the agreement.
These partners are (also) located outside the EU.
Social media buttons are included in our webshop. The operators of these services collect your personal data with this.

Cookies are used on our webshop. Cookies are also placed by third parties that we have engaged.

When you visit our webshop for the first time, a message will be shown explaining why we use cookies. Your continued use of our web store will be interpreted as consent to this use of cookies.

You are free to disable cookies through your browser. Please note that it is possible that our website will not work optimally anymore.

We have made agreements with third parties who place cookies about the use of cookies and applications. However, we do not have full control over what the providers of these applications do with the cookies when they read them out. For more information about these applications and how they deal with cookies, please see the privacy statements of these parties (note: these can change regularly).

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to track how visitors use our webstore. We have concluded a processing agreement with Google to make agreements about how our data is handled. Furthermore, we allow Google to use the obtained Analytics information for other Google services, finally we have the IP addresses anonymized.

Vouchers from Sovendus GmbH:
After you have placed an order, on our thank you page you get the opportunity to choose a third party voucher. The party behind this is Sovendus GmbH. For the selection of a coupon offer that is currently interesting for you, the hash value of your email address and your IP address are transmitted by us in pseudonymized and encrypted form to Sovendus GmbH, Moltkestr. 11, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany (Sovendus) (Art. 6 para. 1 f AVG). The pseudonymized hash value of the e-mail address is used to take into account any existing opposition to advertising by Sovendus (opt-out) (Art. 21 para. 3, Art. 6 para. 1 c AVG). The IP address is used by Sovendus exclusively for data security purposes and, as a rule, is anonymized after seven days (Art. 6 para. 1 f AVG). We additionally transmit for accounting purposes pseudonymized; order number, order amount and currency, session ID, coupon code and time stamp to Sovendus (Art. 6 (1) f AVG). If you are interested in a voucher offer from Sovendus, and no opt-out has been registered on your email address in the Sovendus system, when you click on the Sovendus Banner displayed only in this case, we transmit your salutation, name and email address in encrypted form to Sovendus for the preparation of the voucher (Art. 6 section 1 b, f AVG). Further information on the processing of your data by Sovendus can be found in the online data protection guidelines at www.sovendus.nl/verklaring_inzake_gegevensbescherming/

We take security measures to limit misuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. In particular, we take the following measures:

  • Access to personal data is protected with a user name and password
  • Access to personal data is protected with a user name and a login token
  • Data is stored in a separate, protected system upon receipt
  • We take physical measures to protect access to the systems in which personal data are stored
  • We use secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) that safeguard all information between you and our website when you enter personal data
  • We keep logs of all retrievals of personal data

Storage periods
The personal data described above will be kept for as long as necessary to process your orders, including warranty. After that, we keep data for up to one year for the statistical purposes described. The data is then deleted, unless there is a legal obligation that requires longer retention (such as the tax retention obligation of seven years for payment data).

Third party websites
This privacy statement does not apply to third party websites that are connected to our web store through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a reliable or safe manner. We advise you to read the privacy statement of these websites before using them.

Changes to this privacy statement
We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. It is recommended to consult this privacy statement regularly, so that you are aware of these changes.

Inspection and amendment of your data
For questions about our privacy policy or questions about access to and changes in (or deletion of) your personal data you can always contact us via the contact information below.

You can also send us a request to view, change or remove these data. You can also submit a request for a data export for data that we use with your permission, or indicate your reasons for wanting us to restrict the processing of personal data.

To prevent misuse, we may ask you to provide adequate identification. When it comes to access to personal data linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find this in the settings of your browser. If the data is incorrect, you can request us to change or remove the data.

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (authority for personal data processing)
Of course we are happy to help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data. Under the privacy legislation, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens against the processing of personal data. You can contact the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens for this purpose.

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