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Interface with ERP/SRM

By using data links between systems, procurement processes can be handled more efficiently for many organizations. Linking is done via a so-called OCI (Open Catalog Interface). An OCI service makes it possible to order from a supplier via a special link within your own ERP package. Also the authorization and handling of invoices can be done automatically via your own ERP-package.

Ordering through OCI on Topbloemen.nl

Topgeschenken.nl has developed OCI-couplers which make it possible to link our webshops and have them communicate with an external OCI service or ERP package of our clients. By using this link, the client orders directly through their own purchasing system in the webshops of Topgeschenken.nl. So you not only have access to the assortment of Topbloemen.nl, but also to the assortments of Topgeschenken.nl, Toptaarten.nl and Topfruit.nl!

In practice

To further clarify the application, here is a brief overview:
The ordering party logs into their own purchasing system and clicks on the link to Topgeschenken.nl's webshop. You are automatically logged into our webshop.
The buyer chooses a desired product and fills in the required details.
After placing the order or after logging out, the order taker enters the OCI environment again and other work can be resumed in this system. The order can go through any established authorization steps.
The order, after possible approval, is reported back to the web shop in combination with a unique order number and automatically placed with Topgeschenken.nl
When the order is digitally invoiced, the unique order number is automatically matched in your own OCI environment and booked in the right place.
Benefits of an OCI link with Topgeschenken.nl.

The benefits of creating an OCI link between you and our system are:

No more manual actions are required to enter or process orders in the in-house purchasing system.
Placed orders immediately become part of the own purchasing system, so that there is always an up-to-date insight into the commitments made.
The authorization steps within the organization can be followed because work is done through the own procurement system.
Because the NZI coding is also included in the OCI message, all orders can be booked directly and correctly.
Through e-billing, the order number is sent along with the invoice. This makes it possible to have an automatic match in the OCI environment.
Additional possibilities
If desired, the account can be tailored to your needs. With a business account, you can take advantage of various additional features:

Order options

Add a card with personal text and your company logo to your order
Manage your own orderers and locations
Tailor the assortment to your needs or budget
Invoice options
Each branch a separate invoice? Or just one collective invoice? You name it!
Options for specifying cost center or PO numbers. These are shown on the invoice.
Electronic invoicing
Custom options
Do you work with a purchasing system? We can link to that as well, we are open to all possibilities! Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.